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About This Kit

Perfect for Soft Robotics Hobbyists and Researchers. 

The Paradox Robotics Fluidic Control Board provides a flexible, functional pneumatic system to get you up and running fast.


Working Prototype

Fluidic Control Board Kit of Parts


Complete Solution. 
All-in-one kit allows you to focus on R&D, not on component sourcing.

As seen in Soft Robotic Toolkit*. 
The Paradox Robotics Toolkit is based off the control board described in the Soft Robotics Toolkit, and can be a building block to a products described on that open source site.*

Cost Efficient. 
We buy in bulk, but include only the correct number of items in your kit.  Why buy a 10-pack of components when you only need 1?

No long lead times
We keep items in stock so you don’t have to wait. (Limited quantities are available.)


Working Prototype, Assembled from Kit of Parts. 
(Note: This power supply differs from the one included in kit.)

The board consists of a pump (which provides pressurized fluid to the system) and a set of solenoid valves (which can open and close to direct the flow of fluid in the system). The pressure in the system is regulated by Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), which involves the controlled timing of the opening and closing of the valves. Pressure sensors provide feedback on the behavior of the system. The board can be controlled manually (by adjusting switches and knobs) or automated via software running on the included Arduino microcontroller.  To build the board all that is needed is some basic electronics skills (such as soldering two wires together). Operating the board is relatively straightforward. (Source:*)

*Paradox Robotics and its parent company Stone Brook Robotics, LLC, are not affiliated in any way with the Soft Robotics Toolkit, or with Harvard University or Trinity College Dublin.