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Performance specifications:

  • Up to 4 separately controlled soft robot air compartments
  • Compact and reliable compressor pumps up to 28 psi continuously
  • MOSFET control board easily controls valves via remote software or manually
  • Pressure sensor feedback


  • Can be assembled in a few hours
  • Note that this Kit of parts for the fluidic control board does not include soft robotic actuator components.  Detailed assembly instructions can be found at*
  • As with any electronics, this product is recommended for experienced adults 18 and over, or situations where experienced adult supervision is present at all times


Fluidic Control Board Kit of Parts


Flow Control

  • Miniature Diaphragm Pump
  • Manifold, High Flow
  • 4 Valves 3-Way, NC, 24DC, High Flow
  • Power MOSFETs: 4 Opto-Isolated Power FET Switches
  • 4 Pressure Sensor 100 PSI GAGE 5V sensors
  • All Necessary Fittings and Connectors


  • 24 Volt 5 Amp Power Adapter AC to DC
  • Blue 5-25V to 0.5-25V DC Boost-buck Converter 2A Step Up Down Voltage Regulator
  • Cable Assembly Male/Female Jack


  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Toggle switches
  • Potentiometers
  • 2 Mini Breadboards and Jumper Wires

Control board

  • 3-level Acrylic Control Board components, Custom Laser cut to fit Fluidic Control Board components


  • Tubing
  • Connectors
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Stand-Offs


  • Soft Robot actuators, molds or elastomers
  • Solder equipment
  • Basic tools for assembly, including various screwdrivers and Allen keys
  • Detailed assembly directions
  • Code for operating the Control Board*

If you are interested in assembling the Fluidic Control Board from, or learning more about experimenting with soft robots, please see for more information.*

*Paradox Robotics and its parent company Stone Brook Robotics, LLC, are not affiliated in any way with the Soft Robotics Toolkit, or with Harvard University or Trinity College Dublin.